If you want to customize ballerinas rather anonymous or renew a couple has become old that you’re particularly fond of you are in the right place. In this guide you will find signs to decorate your shoes in an original or a complete restyling. It is economic ideas, quick and easy to accomplish. And fear not, there are proposals for all tastes.

The dancers can be decorated with rhinestones to give a chic touch to our look. Obtain the rhinestones in haberdashery and apply them on the shoe fixing them with the aid of a suitable adhesive . You can also create more elaborate decorations, drawing with rhinestone hearts and flowers or other subjects giving free rein to your imagination. If you have the dancers in cloth , use specific colors to paint on fabric and draw the dots in a shade to contrast with that of your shoes, is the ideal choice for those who have a fresh and perky. You can cover the entire surface of polka dots or just the tip of the shoes and the back.


If you want to get a fashion shoe , get the type glue PVA glue and brush the dancers, then sprinkle the entire surface of your shoes with the glitter powder (which you can buy in stores or in haberdashery). Choose the color you prefer, the silver is perfect for the more glamorous. This solution allows you to recycle shoes also very spoiled, giving them new life and getting unique pieces that her friends will certainly be impressed.

Another idea that we suggest concerns felt decorations. Get yourself felt in the colors you prefer and cut out two forms to your liking (for example, two small clouds), then glue the shapes on the front of the shoes, using hot glue. To further beautify the work and give it a touch more refined, you can apply a piece of lace on the felt of the same form previously chosen, but slightly smaller. And finally, we propose a simple decoration with buttons but effective. Select 2 or 3 buttons to shoe, perhaps in different shapes and colors but they are matched to one another. With needle and thread applied the buttons on shoes in a symmetrical manner, a needle will naturally resistant, suitable to pierce the skin or cloth of the dancers.