No doubt that the black dress is an essential commodity in every woman’s wardrobe. Defined by its classic and elegant style, is a good choice for parties, cocktails and events of all kinds. However, how to combine a black dress with different accessories according to the circumstances can be complex and stressful. The versatility of all black dress makes it suitable for use as a base for any look, from the formal to the least. So each time you view can have completely different results and reinvent your look. Depending on the occasion you can choose accessories to complete it in a more or less formal. Discover how to combine a little black dress to be the star at every event!

Belt and shoes the same color

The most basic option is to combine a black dress with belt and shoes of the same color. With the combined use of these accessories will achieve a 100% style simple but elegant. If it is a formal event, heels and red belt-for example-make a sexy balance. Another option is to fashion belt and heels in nude, the tone of the season. Remember that the maximum is carrying an envelope or small purse to match the shoes.

Animal print

The animal print can be difficult to match, even if it is a black dress, not to worry: the leopard is very sensual, elegant and trendy with the black, even on formal occasions. How? Through accessories, for example. Monica has accompanied her dress with a black clutch in animal print, really fantastic. Not to be too “loaded” the pattern chose nude heels.



If you are a woman or want to splurge classic glamor wherever you walk, use accessories with pearls as necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Pearls are historical partners of black dresses. Remember the look of Audrey Hepburn ? More elegantly, impossible! So pearls are a sure bet to combine a little black dress.


The black combines with all colors and one of the best accessories to bring are the earrings. How about those huge round earrings colors used now? They are spectacular! And not only for casual wear but also for formal parties juveniles. A cute bear design with colors all the attention to your face.


Another option is to combine a casual black dress with stripes. This is a pattern that, good company, looks great. How about a salon or wearing a striped blazer ? Very good idea! Yes, for a balanced look tries to maintain neutrality in the shoes.

Black leather

For a less formal event, such as a friend’s birthday or a wedding relaxed, you can take the black-black combination: do you dare? Black dress, black boots and a leather jacket entertain in style as we see in Zina of Fashion Vibe .