The hands are the first business card, it is important to choose the nail right on the basis of several factors: the color of their skin, the type of hands and nails and the context in which you must show your hands. The make up and their clothing are factors not to be ignored when applying the glaze.

If your complexion is clear you can choose all the pastel tones and cool tones, especially the colors shown are purple, blue and light blue. If your skin is dark or olive complexion, choose warm colors, very shown are the red, bronze, orange and all shades of brown. Even the shape of the fingers and hands has its own importance. If you nail wide opt for dark colors like black, navy blue and plum. In this case, apply the glaze only in the middle of the nail. fingernail If you have narrow choose light colors such as pink and yellow and applies color coating the entire nail.


If you are tanned you can use glitter glazes that enhance the skin golden and glowing. To counter hands with fingers small and slender choose soft colors with pearly texture. By contrast, the fingers long give a better result with nail lacquer and dark shades. too ‘s clothing is relevant. If you love often change color of nail polish can match it to your clothes, possibly choosing a shade slightly lighter or darker. too, the context in which you show your hands is of great importance. If you go to a job interview tries to show hands elegant and stylish. In this case, the colors beige, cream and transparent are the most suitable.

If you go to a party or an anniversary can match the rest of the glaze make-up, tone-on-tone will give you an air of glamor and elegance. couple of evenings for the red color is always the most classic and romantic. If your output is in a time of fun and entertainment such as disco or a party with friends can dare of bright colors and pearl effects. If you are a woman matures and you’re invited to a party or an important evening where you wear special jewelry, you can apply a golden glaze if your rings are yellow gold, or silver if your jewelry is silver. Anyway a french manicure with transparent base and tip white Article no pinstripes, there is always a valid solution both at work and for personal outputs, always elegant and never too flashy.