One of the gifts more difficult to choose is definitely the scent, but when the fragrance is apt the success of the gift is assured. Indeed, it is very nice for those who receive it, discard the packet and find that inside there is an “object of luxury ” timeless and modern at the same time. But how can we do to be sure to orient the right piece ? Let’s try to reason with.

Needless to say, if we know that a particular person like that particular scent, you should direct our own choice on the article in question, without asking the slightest doubt, and certainly will be much more appreciated than a variant of our imagination. In Otherwise we will have to organize ourselves differently.

First of all, try to remember if the person has ever mentioned a smell that prefers in a particular way, for example, vanilla ( sweet ), the moss ( mild ), the sandal ( spicy ), or a particular flower, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose , violet. If we have this information, we know already about what type olfactory must turn. Generally the various cosmetic companies offer multiple types of fragrances , with aromatic notes differentiated, which appeal to different ingredients together, then we find for the same brand example, a product made ​​of moss, one made ​​of wood, one based on flowers. And already here, perhaps making a committed expert help, we can make the first cut .


We also have the ability to match the perfume to the character of the person, so if we are faced with a personality quiet and reserved can orient scent of delicate, fresh, like flowers and tones sea, for those who are cheerful and solar are indicated aromas of fruit , but also musk lighter (like white musk) in case of a strong and determined will fit most intense essences such as spicy, oriental, musk more strong and for men also tobacco and leather .

When we are in perfumery to make the purchase of our gift, the ideal procedure to choose well, appreciating fully the aromatic notes, is to spray the product from the meter to your wrist, wait a couple of minutes without touching or rubbing the, so that the alcohol can evaporate and then try to sniff .