For some time this part is a piece of clothing that depopulated like few others, giving rise to a revolution that surpasses the invention of the miniskirt. Undaunted, he continued to claim victims among women of all ages, from children to the fifties. We are talking about the famous leggings, one of the clothing more practical than ever. Loved and hated, they can give prominence to the forms or make it too obvious that it would be better to hide things! It would be useless to deny that they look good and only a few that in most cases cause only and exclusively a stormy fall style. The first common mistake is to consider them normal pants. Dearest, with great regret I inform you that they are not at all! So I would like to suggest a few tips on how to choose and wear leggings.


First, it should be remembered that the cut and the fabric are merciless: Do not allow to hide anything. On the contrary, they are able to highlight every little imperfection. For this reason it is best to avoid wearing them in case you are aware of not having a perfect shape. They’re good for those who have a lean, slender and hard. That is why you should not wear them yourself as you would a pair of jeans. Because they are so tight, make sure to cover the buttocks and pubis, which might be unpleasantly highlighted inadequate or providing or creating transparencies underlines embarrassing parts that should not be put in such prominence. Combine them with skirts or shorts: these are all the trend and take throughout the year. Never wear them with a t-shirt or bodices! Better a long sweater or a soft wool sweater, almost a habit. Still need to cover your butt. Otherwise, opt for the skinny.

If boasted a short stature, avoid color games exaggerated or disconnect between strong side top and bottom: the figure would not be harmonic. Better to focus on similar tones. There are only leggings blacks Play with colors, fabrics and patterns, but avoid the flesh: results involves ridiculous and unpleasant “nude effect.” Eye to size: they should not be too soft nor too tight. Pay attention to the length. Those mid-calf are the most difficult to wear as it will truncate the figure. Are more appropriate then outfits for sports.

Finally the shoes. In this regard, no need to ask yourself no problem thank goodness they are comfortable with any shoe. Put your favorite, whether ballerinas, sneakers, boots, heels or boots: they will be fine on everything! Remember, however, that a pair of high heels will help ancillary, by addressing one of the problems derived from wearing .