Take care of your appearance often means prove to themselves to take care of themselves and want to be comfortable in relationships with others. This does not imply, however, the need to exaggerate, for example, in the use of make-up but try to have a nice look and enhances its beauty. In this fits the use of cream colored , often referred to as an alternative to the foundation in order to get a more natural effect . In this article we try to understand how to choose a cream color for the face .

The cream colored can be for many a good compromise between the foundation , the effect is often very opaque and a bit ‘artificial, and the simple moisturizer . Its peculiarity, in fact, is the ability to moisturize at the same time giving a healthier complexion to the skin of the face . It is, therefore, of a cosmetic product that ensures a make-up as natural as having a very low coverage, on the other hand, for those seeking to mask their imperfections macroscopic skin blemishes and pimples as this can be a downside. Another advantage of no small importance in the use of cream colored is the ability to be protected daily by UVA rays, which can affect the skin even after the disappearance of the typical summer dog days .


When choosing a cream colored to get a makeup ‘invisible’ it is preferable to consult a herbalist where to have the opportunity to buy a cosmetic product guaranteed and free of potentially harmful substances to an area so delicate and sensitive as the skin of the face. A special attention should be taken also in the selection of shades of color that best suits your complexion: ask, therefore, to try a product tester to make sure you get the right shade that gives you the most natural look possible on your complexion.

In the application of the cream, then, it will be possible to decide which makeup obtain (if more or less opaque, for example) by selecting the amount of product to be used. Even the use of moisturizer before the colored one is optional and depends fundamentally on the type of skin : if a fat is discouraged excessive hydration , to the contrary, however, to what happens with a kind of dry skin and exposed to cracking.