Baby’s first Christmas is a special time, not only for the baby (when he grows up) and parents but for the whole family. A little effort can make this day memorable for everyone. All you have to do is invite the guests for the festive season, decorate the house with some nice Christmas flowers,and be a little creative. Here are a few things that will help you celebrate and enjoy your baby’s first Christmas.

Get a personalized ornament

Christmas is just around the corner, what have you planned to buy for the new member? Personalized ornaments are a nice way to express your joy and celebrate the festival. Buy an ornament for your baby with name and date of birth and give it to him/her name from Santa Claus. Do this every year so your child has a large collection of Christmas ornaments when he/sheis able to count them.You can also take out the old ornaments each year to cherish your memories.


Make stocking with baby’s socks

You may have bought many stockings in the past to adorn your house, why not try something different and exciting this year?Make a stocking from your baby’s socks and embellish it with your little one’s name and the year. Hang the cute stocking next to yours, your family members will love it!

Make your baby a Christmas tree star

Your baby is the most precious star you have, so put him on the top of the tree and build lasting memories. How? Decorate photo baubles on the Christmas tree and make your tree more fascinating.

Buy him cute gifts and help him open them

Besides getting a beautiful bouquet for flowers for Christmas , you can present story books or stuff toys of Santas, reindeers or angels to your child. Pack the gifts loosely and let your childopen them by his tiny fingers.

Write a Christmas letter to your child

Write a Christmas letter to your child but don’t tell anyone about it. Start from the day he wasborn;tell him/ her about how you celebrated the first Christmas, what gifts you gave him/her and how excited you were at that time. Write these letters every year on Christmas, your child would love to read them later.

Start a Christmas scrapbook

Scrapbook is the best way to save precious moments of your life so start writing a scrapbook. Add every year’s Christmas stories in it, precious Christmas cards and pictures of celebration. You can also write about what your junior like or dislike at that time and decorate it with lots of colors and a gorgeous cover.

Last but not the least; take lots and lots of pictures. Try to capture all the precious moments of your baby’s first Christmas in your camera.