A very important and mandatory use of hiking boots is that they are suitable for your feet. A hiking shoe wrong can bring in ugly sores, cramps and painful blisters. Here is a guide that will help you to choose the shoes trekking more suited to you.

And very important that a good hiking shoe is well cushioned and that is that it has a cushion quality spongy and soft Batista between the bottom and the inside of the shoe. To determine if the padding is adequate, wearing shoes that you selected and walk a bit to the store, making sure the base of the shoe give you comfort and ease.


The most comfortable shoes are easily bent when bending the foot while walking. Check this function and then it happens not to buy shoes that you do not seem flexible during the movement, to check what exerts more and unnatural bending while walking. The hard shoes cause foot pain and even ugly wounds.

A difference of the sneakers in which you can easily push down the rear part of the shoes (the heel), with a finger, the rear part of the trekking shoes must not have this feature, it is important for the stability of the foot while walking. So better go straight to another pair of shoes, you can easily lower the rear of the shoes that you have chosen.

Stay away from shoes that are all leather or all synthetic materials. Although these are easy to clean and maintain, they are a bad choice with regard to hiking shoes. The non-porous material of the shoe not only transform the entire ambiance of the shoe in a real hot sauna , but it could also make you come of nasty blisters. It ‘s basically the shoe makes your feet feel light and airy. The GORE-TEX is always the best material.