The glasses can be a worry for many women, but not always the bad is a silver lining: if chosen with taste and respect the shape of the face , can become a real weapon of beauty and seduction to which it will be hard to resist. Read this guide carefully and learn how to be beautiful with glasses.

First of all, choose the right model according to the shape of your face . Look carefully in the mirror, tying his hair back. The secret is to opt for a line of contrast: if you have an oval face, the perfect glasses are presented in the voluminous top , in order to create balance. Opt for rectangular frames if your face is round, elongated if squared. If your face is heart-shaped, try frames or rimless cat-eye .


Attention to the color of the frame: it must be the perfect match to your complexion tone. For skin pink or diaphanous, choose all shades of black, blue, gray, pink, magenta, yellow, gray, pewter and silver. If you have a Mediterranean complexion and warm tints of safety oriented with strong such as coral, orange, ivory-white, peach, gold, and all the fantasies turtle. Avoid any reasons too estrous and forms excessively original.

The secret to being fascinating with glasses is to create an overall look that makes the most of you. As for the make-up, you have to bet on the brightness. Lay down a leveling base and opaque with powder. On the upper eyelid apply a light eye shadow, darkening gradually outwards. If you have fairly thick lenses, do not overdo the dark pigments, but dab a little white eyeliner in the inner corners of the eyes to highlight them and separate them. To enlarge the look, also gives an upper line which widens toward the temple and abounds with mascara. Complete the make-up with a bright red lipstick, hyper-feminine.