The liquid eyeshadow is little known and often used mainly because you think it is a product used only by professionals, but has the advantage of having a long-term and not slip into the folds of the eyelids. In this guide you will find the advice to apply this type of eyeshadow in a simple way to get a long lasting makeup and good result. It also features a glossy effect and brighter than traditional powder eye shadows. With a few simple steps you can make a unique and original look, very colorful, very similar to the make-up artist, enhancing the personality and imagination.


The liquid eye shadow is sold in a container similar to that of the mascara and eyeliner and equipped with a small and convenient applicator with the sponge. It is a shadow that is more convenient to use especially in the summer, because the color does not fade due to the sweat and removes only thanks to a makeup remover quality. Therefore guarantees a longer period than that of the eyeshadow compact. With the sponge applicator roll out the liquid eyeshadow is pretty easy and you just have to be very careful to be accurate and not to drool, so try to have a steady hand and roll out the color in bold strokes. In order to have a more delineated, you can use a brush, or thin ones with the triangular tip or those with trapezoid shape cut on the bias.

You start by applying a base, which can be a translucent powder or a special creamy base, as the primer on the eyelid and under the brow, so as to prepare the eye liquid eye shadow and prevent the product fits into the folds. Moisten the sponge applicator and withdrawing a small amount of eye shadow from the container. Always try to use the product sparingly at first, then step up later.

Apply the eye shadow on the eyelid with a light and delicate touch in this way you have the ability to correct for any errors. Repeat the same operation, extending the shadow of layers needed to achieve the intensity of color that you want to get to the make-up. to give free rein to the imagination you can also use more shade and thus achieve some beautiful effects of light and dark, depending on the color of their eyes and the shape.