In his small factory in Chicago, Illinois in 1892, Milton Florsheim started designing and creating shoes of remarkable style, comfort, and workmanship. Even in those early years, the man knew that success is largely dependent on a high quality product. More than 100 years later, every pair of Florsheim shoes distributed to stores worldwide still continue to bear the signs of extraordinary attention to detail, comfort, and quality.

Considered a classic among men’s shoes for over a century, it’s really no wonder that Florsheim continues to be a trusted brand until today. Many men consider the brand’s classic pairs as relevant today as they were first introduced, yet even the younger crowd still won’t hesitate to see its latest designs. Most importantly, Florsheim shoes have adapted wonderfully to the times, now using modern technology and manufacturing processes to continue creating footwear that are stylish and durable.

In these modern times, as a new breed of younger working men and professionals emerge, men’s shoes by Florsheim have begun to symbolize success, ingenuity, as well as a deep sense of self-respect. Over the years, the brand also started to design and add casual and more contemporary styles to its traditional line. This only goes to show that Florsheim has not only successfully withstood the test of time, but that it continues to stay current and up-to-date with today’s modern man.

From classic oxfords and wingtips to comfy, dependable loafers with a playful pop of color, Florsheim definitely has the men’s shoes you’re looking for. Whether it completes the casual jeans and shirt attire of a successful IT professional from Silicon Valley, or a sleek suit worn by a big-city stockbroker from Wall Street, the brand is proud to offer men all over the country stylish, essential, and reliable footwear for daily use.

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