Disney has done it again. It gave us another timeless animated masterpiece that will entertain young and old for generations to come. The Oscar winning Frozen is a bit different fairy tale from the others where the princess is saved by a dashing prince. Frozen is a story of true sisterly love between the queen Elsa and the princess Anna. It has gained such popularity that everything about the movie is sought after, from outfits to toys, to hairstyle and make-up, an not just by little girls, but by grown ups as well. So, just to be part of this Frozen frenzy, we give you hairstyle tutorials for Anna’s and Elsa’s hairstyles that you will certainly love.

Anna’s White Streak

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For a princess, Anna has very modest hairstyles, the two simple braids being one of them. But, what makes Anna’s hair unique is the white streak, and you certainly won’t dye your child’s hair just to recreate it. So, here is another way to get Anna’s white streak.

Anna’s Coronation Hairstyle Tutorials

hairstyle tutorials

During Elsa’s coronation, Anna has a lovely princess appropriate hairstyle with O shaped bun on the back with ribbons and a braid hairband on the front with side bangs. Here is a recreation of that look perfect for little stylish girls, only without the bangs.

Anna’s Coronation Hairstyle For Grown Ups

This take on Anna’s hairstyle  has the same elements as the previous  one with minor differences, mainly the bun, which is not as distinct “O” as the last one, the bangs and also this tutorial shows how you can do this hairdo on yourself by yourself.

Elsa’s Coronation Hairstyle

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One of the most elegant hairstyles in the movie is Elsa’s coronation hairstyle, combining a soft braid on the side of the head, framing the face and a elegant twisted bun on the back of the head. A perfect hairstyle for every day and for every event.

Elsa’s Coronation Inspired Hairdo

Many hairstyles inspired by Elsa’s coronation include a side braid, but some are not s skilled in making braids, so this tutorial offers an alternative that uses curling iron and hair spray. It may take a bit longer to make, but it is gorgeous nevertheless.

Elsa’s Loose Braid

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After Elsa’s secret is out on the open, she let’s down her hair in a lovely loose messy braid. Recreating that free hairstyle is easy and fun. Great for young girls and women with young souls, this french braid will soon become your favorite hairdo for casual events.