Certainly, the color green is a classic for a pair of pants, this can lead us to think that they are difficult to match with other clothes, but it is not so. Depending of occasion are in fact many shades that go well with the green pants, not to mention that during the summer period help to give brightness and elegance to our outfits afternoon. Here are some examples of how you can combine this with other more classical tone.


One of the simplest combinations but also among the most widely used is the one with the white color, in fact, especially in casual situations, this style is well suited to a variety of occasions, from simple walk in the park, the ride downtown, and even to ‘summer aperitif at the bar with friends. A similar goes for the black, which is well suited to accompany these flashy shades. During those two combinations is the master the “break” with the neutral top conferring a solar image and cheerful. Both the man and the woman can in fact take them with a white blouse or a shirt , the male may also lend itself well to the role of accompanist also a classic polo dark in color. If it is your intention to exploit the full Your head is colored a perfect match with the flesh-colored so as to attract the view of the lower part of your attire.

However, there are allies only the classic neutral colors. A complement is the rose in all its various shades: Needless to say, this kind of approach is very strong and gives a lot of brightness to our person, perfect for hot days and bright, well- adaptable to situations afternoon not such demanding walks in the open. A man can have fun with t shirt topped by reading classic leather jackets or cardigans in all shades of gray or dark blue.