To stay dapper despite the heat, choose light creams and discover these mists, masks and tonic water to help you get through the day

Keep your creams and your rich heady scents. They are no longer in season. Moreover, logically, you do not have much attraction for them. Indeed, the summer, the skin needs something else textures fluids that spread in a flash and are forgotten; product astute at any time, offer a refreshing break; scents tonics dousing themselves without restraint and get going for the day.

Gentle soothing

At the end of the day, you can tan on the cheeks and swollen features. Quick, take refuge in a gel mask. Transparent, blue lagoon, shell pink or pearly white, this is a real moisturizing bath. Start by cleaning your skin, put the product in the palm of your hand and spread it generously. Relax while he is, but do not rinse, to prolong the beneficial effects. Wipe off excess with a tissue. A thin film soothing and refreshing remain on your skin.

Fluid textures

When it is hot, the skin is still slightly moist. To moisturize and protect during the day, prefer emulsions: finesse does not affect their effectiveness, and they penetrate faster than creams. Without leaving any sticky feeling (Moisturizing Emulsion The requirements Galenic, Avenue Emulsion fluid, Hydrologic Biotherm, Roc Hydra +, fluid moisturizer Fullness). Or try this new day cream special warm weather, a creamy texture, but lightweight: Relaxation and Freshness Academy. It refreshes with mint and green coffee in it, the other active plant, passionflower, lemon balm decongestant, soothe the skin and leave an insulating film, perfectly invisible.


Schist invigorating

Divine, the moisturizing mist spray on the face. Rich in reactants, emollients and regenerative, they soften dry skin and prevent more fat to shine. They can be used in the morning as a base, or after makeup set. They will be even more effective if the bomb had spent the night in the refrigerator. It is mostly during the day they are magical. Always mist your fingertips, just a spray will give you immediately a delicious sensation of well-being.

Dynamic friction

After the shower, you sprinkle water toned from head to toe. You are first invaded by a fresh citrus scent, and then exhale the scent of fragrant plants and invigorating, like lavender, thyme, rosemary. All this, combined with other herbs and essential oils with draining (aloe, horsetail, ginseng), stimulates circulation, moisturizes and tones the skin in one step. Some of these waters tonics, very little alcohol, are also available in sprays easier to use during the day. To hunt or just fatigue heaviness, you rub the neck and legs.