How many of you have experienced the terrible experience of head lice? The cause of head lice is not always synonymous with failure to clean on the contrary, they spread more on clean hairstyles mainly because of the use of scarce products chemicals contained in some shampoos. In this guide I will describe how to fight lice and eradicate this annoying and horrible problem .

The first thing to do is important and necessary to buy pharmacy products specific anti-lice receiving advice from the pharmacist. If your children have had the misfortune to catch them small nursery or school, you will have to perform a preventive treatment for people with whom the person is living to avoid contagion. To establish the actual presence of lice on the head, check if there are yellowish white dots on the skin or attached to the hair.


Ask the children to always let you know when they feel the constant itching in the head. If you detect the presence of lice, not excessively alarmed the child and not treat it as an “infected person” you just just take precautions, not paying personal items such as combs, hats to other people. Among the various precautions that you have to take very careful to always wash clothes, sheets or games rag baby in a washing machine at more than 60 ° C or alternatively, close them in a bag for ten days or so the lice die of hunger.

Let us now turn to the remedies against these damn critters! The first remedy suggested, it is absolutely natural and was discovered by a mom “doctor” American! The Galina, a substance found in garlic, fights and even prevents the presence of lice. Take tablets sold in pharmacies based Galina would be one of the solutions.

A second remedy that would attack the lice is the hair dye! Obviously, this remedy is only suitable for adults. The dye would make a climate inhospitable to the louse. In recent times, even the hair straightener would seem to destroy them! Its heat would be able to roast and kill the eggs. The only use of the plate, however, is not sufficient to the total elimination. This solution must be paired with a specific treatment ( shampoo, oil, gel) and an anti-louse comb to remove them permanently .