The 2012 is now underway, so if you’re updating your wardrobe, buy a new garment to go out with your friends or your boyfriend, or find a dress for your cousin’s wedding, we recommend what those clothes must have this season so you can look beautiful and fashionable. In case you did not know, clothes must have are told precisely those items that are trend and every woman who wants to be on par with the latest fashion trends must have.

Pleated Skirts

Delicate, absolutely feminine, fresh and trendy. What more can we ask for in a garment? Pleated skirts will come with everything from last summer. They are perfect for putting together a street style with a classic touch. Best of all is that the folds are to fashion both in short skirts and long skirts , another must-have piece of 2012.

Red dresses

Red never go out of style, but in the spring summer season, when dominated by vivid colors. This year the invitation is to adopt it in short prom dresses as have several celebrities, including Jennifer Astonish. If you have an upcoming gala celebration, cheer the red! Red is the new black. No fail.


Nautical Stripes

The beloved style navy says this again in thousands of variations. Stir in blue, white, red and, of course, features nautical stripes to your casual look. You will see that the horizontal lines invade sweatshirts, jackets, skirts and pants.

Leggings in animal print

Bored of black leggings? I assure you that this year’s proposal will help to vary, because the trend is the maximum of leggings in bold animal print. Undoubtedly, a garment with a lot of personality to any basic look. A tip? Combine with blazer and black heels.

One shoulder dresses

Remember that as you had mentioned this trend last year ? Well, still present today. The asymmetrical silhouette dresses that expose a shoulder sexy give you the fair and subtle touch to a party. Notes for when you go to buy a new dress.

Neon Tights

Wow! Sarah Jessica Parker itself is striking with its turquoise tights in that picture. However, the happy and fun touch they bring to their warm winter look is undeniable. We know that there are those set to match the skirt we bring to the office, but they can be a great choice for a winter out with friends. Remember, black stockings, brown and gray will not go.