Every woman loves jewelry, some more then others. Even those who are less interested in accessorizing their look with jewelry have at least one extra pair of earrings for special occasions. And when it comes to earrings, there are plenty of styles to choose from, from the barely noticeable studs to the large and heavy hanging statement earrings. Since Mother’s day is slowly approaching, a pair of earrings is one of the better gift choices. When choosing the right pair for your mother, you can’t go wrong with the small, yet classy and elegant stud earrings. To make the gift even more special, make them yourself, by following one of these easy and lovely earring tutorials. In the end you will have a unique pair of earrings  that you have made with care and will give with love.

Kate Spade Inspired Studs

stud earrings

Most women follow the latest jewelry trends, but can’t afford to buy their own designer jewelry. However, you could always try to make your own trendy pieces, like with these Kate Space inspired earrings, which are bold, stylish and very easy to recreate.

Hexagon Earrings

Geometric shapes seem to be “in” this season, so making these hexagon earrings will make you a great hit. With their combination of black center and gold rim, these fashionable earrings will be great for formal and fun events alike.

Rhinestone Chain Earrings

stud earrings

If you are looking for a pair of earrings with a vintage feel to them, you might take fancy to these daisy-like studs. Made from rhinestone chains, these earring sure have a certain charm and retro feel to them that will certainly appeal to both young and old.

Wrapped Wire And Beads Earrings

Who says that you need many supplies to make great handmade jewelry? Sometimes, with only some beads and a piece of wire you can make some truly stunning stud earrings. These bead and wire earrings are proof of that and just a few of the variations you can create.

Pearl Stud Earrings

stud earrings

When searching for a mother’s or even grandmother’s gifts, you can never do wrong by choosing pearls jewelry. They may not be the height of fashion, but they are a  classic and every women should have at least on piece of pearl jewelry, even if they’re pearl stud earrings, like these.

Vintage Stud Earrings

Glamorous, shiny and studded, these vintage earrings will make a great addition to any jewelry box. They might look like expensiv diamonds, but actually they will cost you almost nothing. They make an excellent  last minute  gift and great for wearing at a wedding.

Stud Rhinestone Earrings

Studs used for clothes come in many shapes and sizes and if you happen to have a couple of them lying around, try turning them into some exquisite looking jewelry, like these very simple to make earrings from studs and rhinestone.

Crystal Cluster Statement Earrings

Statement jewelry is big, chunky and can truly make an impact. But, sometimes even a small jewelry piece can do that, earning the title statement jewelry. These glittering earrings are just like that. Small, yet with such a great combination of rhinestones and gems that you can’t help but admire them and the person wearing them as well.