True, we have thousands of portfolios, all style and every color but not enough and I guess you know what I mean. A portfolio, even if he is the same color as the other, are not equal and can not be used at the same times, so in this post we will talk about a new alternative: fabric bags are practical and will fit with your style.

Duffel Bags: The ideal accessory

We are all in search of the perfect bag , then use a smart portfolio only on weekends, which are generally smaller, but for day to day, we need a larger item to help mobilize all the things we need. The cloth bag , is perhaps what you’re looking for. Its design is simple, so are ideal for everyday, especially if you are a student and you have to carry books to school. If soiled are easy to clean , as any article of clothing, since they are made ​​of fabric.

He designs vary in cloth bags, including many producers use’s products for Andean designs and truth with the boom of ethnic fashion, looks great I encourage you to try all styles! Most of these bags are very spacious and can help you comfortably carry your essentials, combine well with everything and because they are handmade, the price is reasonable.


You can make a bag yourself!

So far I have mentioned in the post, that handbags are cheap and easy to do but you can do it yourself? I’m sure if, if you have some designs in mind Pay attention! I’m sure you can accomplish making bags with lovely designs, is you can customize them and to form a small business and make designs according to the taste of your girlfriends Cheer! I leave other video so you can learn to perfection the making of a cloth bag to definitely keep in mind!

Modern cloth bags designs

The ethnic designs are trendy but not forget the vanguard as I’m showing in the photo above, this bag has been made ​​with fabric of what appears to be a comic, it looks very artistic and I love urban! If you have the opportunity to advise you combine colors, so you will have more chance to use the bag with your garments . In the example above, the bag combines mustard and purple remains cute! you know that do not settle for bags flowers, stars and bows , look at the previous Japanese this design looks perfect and can serve for various occasions Innova forever!