You have to dispense with a marriage in the season cold and you have no idea what clothes to put on? The problem at first glance may not seem easy solution, given the need to combine the elegance and good taste of its own as a ceremony of great importance, the urgency of adequate cover, otherwise the ills of the season ready to lash out. On the other hand, if the summer possibilities to be refined and fashionable revolve around a few items of clothing in the wintertime you can indulge and try unusual combinations and great charm, capable to create excellent combinations, enviable and stay warm at the same time and easily compensated. Let’s see how to dress to face a winter wedding .


You know, ceremonies and weddings in particular, do not know and do not allow spills and style errors in combinations, in particular when it comes to colors. The greatest risks are to be too flashy and then give too much attention, or otherwise be too dark and take a look more suited to a funeral than a day of celebration. Among the materials most suitable and recommended in the first place appearing without a shadow of a doubt the wool and silk: a knee-length dress in a fabric like this will give you a charm not indifferent. It will be especially crucial that the skirt is not excessively short because you would end up to be inappropriate.

Another detail not to be overlooked is the coat: warm, elegant, refined and neutral color that does not make you look too gaudy. A coat to his knees, gray, with waist will be fine, or alternatively, a soft wool duster. Absolutely prohibited the quilts: a sporty or casual ill fit for a ceremony. Even the socks do not allow errors: the most suitable ones are definitely opaque, dark in color, to match the shoes. The latter will not have to submit twelve wedges heels excessively, but to give a semblance of sobriety further to the complex.

A touch that could make a difference and add grace and elegance to your personality is the gloves. As long as they are coordinated with the rest of you may choose leather or wool and beyond to keep your hands warm would also be useful to rebalance the body heat in the presence of openings or necks that they can pass too much air. In this regard, a Pashmina cashmere wool might come in quite useful, especially at times when you are forced to stand outside the church or the host structure. And finally, do not forget a nice hat, discreet, that can deliver a touch of originality, but without falling into unnecessary excesses.