The seasons change and they change with the fashions, dresses, shoes, accessories. Even our head becomes a perfect base on which to take action to renew our look, with a whimsical cut, a new and unusual color, hairstyle of the moment. If the idea of a drastic change does not convince you, you can create a band hair fun or elegant, every day different, to have an aspect always neat and stylish headband, with little expense and proof of thoughts.

Given that the time available to us women is always short, the first advice is to buy ready-made headbands, simple, on which to intervene with decorations and applications, turning them completely. The important thing is to buy them in the right color, that they match the dress you will wear, or neutral tint. Get feathers, sequins, rhinestones, small buttons, satin cords, ribbons, trimmings. In specialized shops for DIY, there are areas dedicated to decorating, where to find accessories of all kinds, at low cost. Choose a “theme” for each band, try not to mix too many different materials to be lighter and give a confused look.


Matches from the point where you have decided to apply the larger element, a flower, a button, a bow, and follow your own ideal design with other elements. To simplify things, you can glue strips of braids, different, alternating along the entire length of the base, or transverse to it, in this case, leave space for the edges, or design them with some sequins or rhinestones, gluing them next to each another, leaving no spaces. If you love the simplicity, drawn with a pencil two or three circles of different size, not too big, and fill them with silver glitter, or beads. With the twisted satin cords, not too thick, create spirals, from the center outward.

For the day made ​​by cutting a strip of felt flowers in different colors and sizes, and glue them randomly, even overlapping, creating a small garden in your hair. Or use buttons all different, large and small, from a single color or very colorful, close to one another, creating movement. There are no limits to the imagination and to use of materials, whether they are simple or valuable, the result depends only on your personal taste. It’s great fun, and hardly able to stop.