In this guide I will explain how to make a dark makeup, really sexy, for a special occasion, great for girls with long hair and dark (but achievable by every girl!). This is not of course a makeup for everyday use, rather it is a perfect look for special events, original, such as a theme party, Halloween night, etc.. I can only wish you … Good trick!

First, gather the hair back to work better on the face uncovered. Once this is done, take a sponge angled from foundation all over the face and passes a foundation white or very light, trying not to neglect small areas of the face such as the sides of the nose, the neck, the skin near the ears, to so that the color on the face is as homogeneous as possible and natural-looking … As if it were a real ghostly pallor! Do not forget to pass the white foundation even on the neck and chest, especially if you wear something low-cut, in order to avoid the separation between body and face.


Paint the eyebrows with an eye shadow with a very dark or black eyeliner or brown, to make them more intense, and alluring a little ‘with a stretch thin. Work in small sections at a time to avoid a mess and let the effect is natural. For a less intense uses, instead of eyeliner, kohl pencil or soft-edged. Spread a dark eye shadow on gray, brownish or green on the entire eyelid, and gradient well up to the eyebrows, creating a pesto effect on the eyes. Finally, dab with a brush even a little ‘ black eye shadow on the eyelid and into the crease of the eye to give depth to the look.

With the black eyeliner or a black pencil outlines the eye as you like trying to thicken the tip of the eye and bringing down while standing in line outside of the eye must be brought up .. Eye Witch! You can also enjoy playing with curls and decorated with the tip eyeliner, depending on your tastes. Color the upper lip with the black eyeliner and the bottom with green eyeshadow and black, tapping on the lip after applying a light layer of concealer so as to discolor the clear color rosy natural lip. Apply a light coat of lip gloss, and the trick is done. Now you look like a witch scary sexy and sensual without doubt hit anyone approaching you!.