Why green? Simple, it is the color of the year! So why not wear it even on the beach? Here is a selection of the most beautiful swimsuits green color to wear during the summer 2013.

I wonder how many of you have already gone to the sea and how many are still waiting instead of the much awaited and deserved vacation. And if you think of warm, sunny days to spend at the beach , you certainly can not think of the right look to show off . All of us have a drawer in the swimwear in the past seasons but, you know, we like to renew and add at least one new piece to our collection staff. Wondering what is the swimsuit must of the summer 2013 ? In fact it is still and always the bikini the star of the season, but this time I want to propose it in a “more specific”. As you know all the color emerald green is the must nuance of the year so why not choose it also for the beach? The swimsuits that I propose in this selection are all green, not everyone in the version emerald but surely fashion and beautiful.

The first model you see in the image has the brand Calzedonia . It is a sensual two pieces characterized by the upper part with the cups while the lower one is a Brazilian with bows. The emerald green of the costume is embellished with a textured animal . What do you think?


Following two other proposals this time to end . The first model on the left is more clear, a delicate green lawn collection Goldenpoint. band is totally embroidered tone-on-tone and the straps are detachable, while the bottom is smooth and has wide straps on the sides. The other model the signature instead Liu Jo , is slightly draped and presents details of dark metal on which is engraved the name of the brand.

Impossible to talk about without referring to the bikini models in a triangle . Always starting from the left there is a lovely model of Victoria’s Secret. ‘s emerald green, seemingly simple but actually enhanced by this braided headband that characterizes the lower part of the triangle while the slip has the long fringes on the sides.
At the center there is a lovely model Miss Bikini luxury, a bikini characterized by a play of lines based on shades of green, from lightest to darkest. Finally, the last model is Yamamay. This time it is only the triangle to be dyed emerald green while the bottom is black patterned and colorful flowers in contrasting colors. This goes to show you that if you do not want to buy a complete costume, you can always match a new piece to the old one creating new and sparkling mix, personal and just as you like them!