Liposuction, breast augmentation, rhino plastics and hair implants – all more or less common interventions that can perform celebs like John Doe inside. Sometimes, however, quite different changes are on the agenda.

Michael Jackson left his black roots behind, Jocelyne has so many plastic surgeries behind him, that the name and certainly no longer true, and others as the “Cat Man” use beauty Ops to emulate a somewhat different personal ideal. Beauty is subjective, just as there are in addition to the slightly sloping nose, the fat deposits in the abdomen or the chest often to small details, which are adjusted with the wishes of the surgery / operation of the willing.


It comes to the hands, are often hand tapers asked. Most disturbing age spots, veins bulging and sagging skin that is no longer get at with creams and lotions. Using microdensitometer or laser treatment pigmented lesions are removed, body fat acid plumps up the skin back a little and a hand lifting tightens even the last of these wrinkles. Interfere with good visible veins, they can be obliterated by injection or laser therapy in a specialist.



Whether innate one liposuction. what a flat stomach with an ugly belly button With a small procedure that is usually performed under local anesthesia, navel can be brought back into shape.

G-spot augmentation/labia correction

In this operation, it is less about the appearance, more than the function of the female body stimulation. This is augmented with body fat to allow the pleasure during sex or increase. The controversial genital surgery further counts the labia plastics, in which the outer part of the female sexual organ is enlarged or reduced. This procedure is, however, only carried out for aesthetic reasons.


Also in the sweat gland function is in the foreground and gives many sufferers considerable relief. Palms, soles and underarms mainly to produce sweat excessively and are treated under local anesthesia. The Switzerland glands are extracted directly under the skin and then well connected – usually with a permanent result.


Where the want to get rid one her wrinkles, can do what other artificially. Dimples are in vogue and if you do not, they can be placed with a small, deep cut, which is sewn into the deep skin layers. The pits are seen, however, not only when smiling and by providing the new method there are no known long-term effects.


Pressure points, corns, ingrown toenails or legs over not only look unattractive, but can also cause health problems. Are not traditional medical aids such as deposits or rails effectively, bones, tendons and joint capsules are surgically reattached to the right place. When Foot lifting but aesthetic reasons are crucial. For example, the second Showing its Fangs a piece of bone is removed because it is longer than the Great.


From birth or even earrings or by so-called tunnel may disrupt the shape of the earlobe. Under local anesthesia the earlobe is formed in a small operation according to the respective requirements.

Six pack

The classic six-pack is not out of fashion, and should the coveted six pack despite training time coming, you can help out the surgery. As it is a liposuction the excess fat pads to the collar. But is not in the abdominal optimization sucked everything, but modeled using the muscle form of liposuction and so feigned one trained to six pack.