Look consist of two colors, the so-called two-tone contrasts that create important and chic. It’s spring, the season of contrasts!

It’s spring time and it is time to deal with the trends of the season . How do to find them? Simple, just look at what the designers and the many fashion houses have staged during the recent fashion week. The Spring / Summer 2013 of the great fashion houses presented the contrasting look. garments is characterized essentially by two colors , which can make the cuts, the lines or boards. Panels are full color, the trend colors of the period, as stated also by the institution of color Pantone .

The contrast trendy chic is what puts the white against black. The eternal struggle between light and darkness. In the 90s to put these two colors against each other was a must, then decayed by choices of more or less delicate. In black you prefer a softer approach powder pink and white colors brighter, such as red, blue or emerald green . These combinations are still good but the white and the black mark, again, a turning point fashion.


What is black and white then! Especially on the catwalk for Louis Vuitton the two non-colors were the major players. By Marc Jacobs arrive proposals checkerboard, the same that characterize many of the iconic handbags of the French fashion house. Are dresses, suits, coordinated, bags and shoes at chess, but not only in black and white. Also wonderful proposals clear and bright they see sparkling white checked against the yellow, but also white and green lawn.

On the catwalk Acne is still the white protagonist of the collection, this time contrasted with the more lively, passionate and intense fiery red . Also in this case we find the checker work, the checkerboard pattern.

The contrasts can be created ‘panel’ or geometries or special reasons. Balmain white and black are still the undisputed protagonists of the walkway, through fantasies retro circus. But also has a crucial role to yellow, but unlike LV home, here is contrasted with black, a response much rock for the woman of today.

There are those who prefer to focus on more intense colors and shades ‘true’. This is the case, among others, by Michael Kors, who preferred to present clothes bicolor, among which the shades of emerald and blue intensity. So, as you’ve got to understand, the spring, but the summer is the season of contrasts. Succumb to this new and decisive fashion trend?