The balances begin on July 6 and finally, you can buy the must-have longed at prices far the most popular. But you already know what to buy?

It’s time, the most anticipated, came the balances ! Officially begin on July 6, 2013 but many stores have started to apply big discounts for some days, to entice shopping and not find themselves in a stalemate pre-sales. When the balances must still come to terms with their wallets because they buy the superfluous, the useless, and above all things taken at random due to the heat of the moment means spending a lot more than you if your goal. What to buy? First of all take a look at your wardrobe and especially do local mind, think of all those times when you said “I would need their own colored jeans.” There, that is the head you really must buy, you have to put in your personal wishlist. The same also applies to all those pieces that you have already seen at the store and that you have not taken because the price was too out of hand.


Some people then wait for the sales to buy all those must-have trend this season. But what are they? Let’s start with the top. One of the leaders who just do not have to miss are the shirts of jeans , perfect to wear with pants, skirts and shorts. If you are passionate about retro fashion a short top, worn with trousers or a high waist skirt, will be perfect for an effect crop top . Do not miss a biker jacket at a good price and something camouflage !

As for the bottom, I suggest you take a look at the department skirts . Those beautiful 50s style wheel that will turn you into the beautiful pin up, printed ones and especially those long up at the foot of perfect gypsy. If you are looking for a swimsuit you should choose something tasty and fun , a model that so far have not tried yet, and why not, dare with a particular piece swimsuit , characterized by sensuous twists and tunnels.

And the accessories ? Can not miss! First of all look for a bag, medium size is the top. We suggest a model to strap large enough but not too much, but to put on the side, on one shoulder (not sideways). Select it in leather or straw, and do not miss this opportunity to purchase a wonderful jewel clutch, a small chest to wear in the evening.’s shoes will certainly be high and colored. Rely on a great classic, the cleavage provided colorful and fun, maybe even featuring floral prints. The jewelry can not miss: Lavoisier maxi necklaces and pendants are characterized by and colored stones, semi-precious stone earrings and rings that completely cover the fingers.