Personally we do not agree with the industry producing fur coats of animals, as we consider it a sacrifice unnecessary and cruel. It seems inhuman to take the life of different creatures to make coats.It’s true! With a fur coat we are elegant and glamorous, so we created this post so you have an option to look beautiful without spending more and much less support those who threaten the lives of animals. There is always another alternative, such as synthetic fur coats that can dazzle as much as a real fur coat, plus they require less care. See some pictures of fantastic options to see sophisticated, while the industry you oppose animal skins and you put a stop to cruelty.

Styles most incredible fur coats

Style paintings

This glamorous style is characterized by tissue boxes, made in thick wool and corduroy. They are ideal for use with skirts (skirts). They are covered with short fur, amazing and a must in your wardrobe.

Look chic

For a hippie and chic at the same time, you can use false fur coats fox in different colors. Also, you can add to your outfit chic collared wool or other fabrics.


Feminine style

With a coat like this will get a pretty feminine look that adds glamor and sophistication to your outfit. If you want to look your delicacy and elegance all covered with layers and choose boleros (like the one pictured) in light colors like beige.

Collarless coat

This style is mostly seen on the catwalks, where models acquire looks manly and yet her femininity prevails. In this style you can choose to add a short fur coat on gray gradient colors or solid colors such as black and white. You see how good it looks!

Tips for using fur coats

The long fur coats are ideal for mini dresses. So you can show off your legs and look much more stylish with heels. The trend changes every year, so you should be alert to new developments and new styles. Although there are always the classic styles. Do not fear the animal print coats, are beautiful and look much better positions.