Every woman has an essential piece of makeup that she never leaves the house without. And although we admire the few ladies that are brave enough to go out au naturale, we’re still not ready to take that bold step. Sadly, that means we put all these products on our face every day to give us a little confidence boost and we’re slowly, but surely, doing harm to the skin which we try so hard to keep looking beautiful. To help remedy that, we rounded up a few homemade makeup recipes that you can make at home, so you’ll know exactly which ingredients are used and make sure you keep yourself healthy.

Crayon Lipstick

homemade makeup

If you’ve ever had trouble finding just the right shade that greatly flatters you, it might be easier to try and make your own lipstick. There are crayons in a huge variety of colors, and with this common household item, you can mix the perfect color for you. Go crazy and have fun with unusual colors you won’t find on the market!

Natural Eyeliner

homemade makeup

This recipe is wonderful easy and you’ll need only two ingredients. To achieve a glamorous look, smokey eyes or the classic cat eye look without irritating your eyes, use this natural version of the popular eyeliner.

Cream Pigment Eyeshadow

Again, you have the freedom to choose any shade that best complements your eye color. Try this pigment eyeshadow that’s rich in color, but goes on smooth like a cream eyeshadow.

Natural Blush

Although sometimes you might think you can skip this product because you see no drastic changes to your face when you apply it, that is a huge mistake. Blush really freshens up your face and it’s an essential part of your look. Get your own, natural blush by following this recipe.

Homemade Makeup Natural Mascara

homemade makeup

The most important product in your makeup bag. You put mascara on your eyes, which is a very sensitive area, so if you decide to make any natural makeup product, this is the one to go with. This mascara not only darkens the lashes, but also adds a bit of fullness.


Use this bronzer to contour your face, enhance your bone structure and give your skin a golden glow. Follow these instructions and you’ll be able to have a warm, sun-kissed complexion in no time.

Kool-Aid Lip Gloss

Well, this is a great idea. As with the eyeliner you’ll only need two ingredients for this recipe, and using Kool-Aid for making lip gloss is really simple and also makes it smell great.